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The Therapy - Public Access Course is designed for the Owner who wants a dog that is comfortable, safe and predictable at all times in public; while understanding and respecting the laws, regulations and restrictions regarding dogs in public. This is NOT a commands class; it is a trust building, desensitizing, heightened awareness, and reading/reacting to your dog's emotions Course. In addition, you and your dog will become exposed and experienced in all aspects of therapy dog work in order to volunteer in your community as an AKC Therapy Dog Team, as well as all Public Access test requirements for Service Dogs.

Participation in this Course requires dogs be at least 1 1/2 years in age, and have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Title. Attendance requirements are: 6 Tuesday night Team Field Classes, 3 Owner Education Sessions and finish with 1 Team Group Field Trip. Your Team will be awarded the AKC Urban Canine Citizen Title, or the Public Access Test upon successful completion of this Course. 

A Team identification badge and bandana are included and must be worn during Course attendance. Pre-Registration is required for this Course. All Kids must remain current on vaccinations per AAHA Guidelines throughout the Course. Documentation is required.

GROUP COURSE: $350 - 6 Week Course - 6 Team Group Classes,  3 Owner Education Sessions, 1 Team Field Trip

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: $875- 6 Private Field Trips 

Enrolled Teams will receive a Workbook, Team Identification, Course Completion Ribbon and the AKC Urban/Public Access Title.