Lisa's K-9 Kids® Professional Dog Training


Thousands of Dogs Can't Be Wrong.... LISA'S talent for communicating with dogs was recognized at the early age of 9, when she put an AKC obedience title on her first dog, an Irish Setter named Missy. Now at the age of 50, LISA'S sixth dog is a Standard Poodle named Tucker, who has graduated several obedience programs including off-leash, Rally and Therapy Certification. LISA has been recognized by AKC as a Canine Evaluator for more than 20 years, and maintains all of her instruction to this standard of excellence. LISA has been told by many owners that somewhere in her DNA she has a "doggie gene".

Dogs are Smarter than We Think.... It was no surprise to any one that after college and kids, LISA became a professional dog trainer. With 25 years of experience, LISA has worked with every breed, age, personality and behavior known to man. In addition, LISA has spent hundreds of hours volunteering her time with humane organizations helping dogs and owners live together in harmony.

Both Ends of the Leash.... LISA has found over the years that dog owners have great intentions but typically very little understanding of how to successfully communicate with their dog. (The obvious goal being how to eliminate unwanted behaviors and encourage desirable ones.) LISA takes a very hands on approach to teaching the owner how to train the dog, so that the desired behavior continues long after class is over.

Dogs Are Adaptable.... LISA has closely followed the surprising level of changes and demands for the domesticated canine, and their owners, over many decades. Once  a working dog strictly used for service and confined to the outdoors, is now a companion sleeping on the bed and visible in all the family photos. LISA'S training programs have adapted too!