Lisa's K-9 Kids® Professional Dog Training


Call LISA to discuss your training goals and any problem behaviors. LISA will recommend a plan for you to achieve your goals and eliminate unwanted behaviors. Trainers can teach dogs all kinds of tricks, but at the end of the day, if the owner is not happy with the dog’s overall behavior, it is not a successful experience! LISA believes the training should be as rewarding for the owner as it is beneficial to the dog. Call to schedule your first Private Lesson.

Lessons can be purchased one at a time (some owners only need a little guidance); or a package of 6 Lessons (some dogs need a lot of guidance). Lessons are scheduled at the owners convenience, and are approximately one hour in duration. If the Group Class schedule is not convenient, Private Lessons are the answer.

Classes are purchased as a 6 week Course and will address one of seven obedience levels. Each Group Class meets twice a week and is approximately one hour in duration. Owners may attend either or both Classes for the same price. Group Class schedules and locations are located on the Calendar Page. Calendar is current to within 1 hour of Class time.

ONLINE PROGRAMS: For the Owner unable to attend Lisa’s Private Lessons or Group Classes, the Online Programs are available. Click Here for Online Programs.