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Rally is an exciting AKC sport that navigates you and your dog through a course created by a series of signs that use all of your obedience commands in new and different combinations. We all appreciate the control commands have afforded us, now its time to have fun with them! This is a detail-oriented, not speed, sport that you can participate in to further enhance your relationship, communication and quality time together. Rally 1 is available to all 3rd Grade graduates or the equivelent skill set. Rally 2 is available to all 4th Grade graduates or equivelent skill set. Lisa will conduct a free assessment if you completed your training elsewhere to make sure your dog is ready for this course.

In addition, watch for the on-going “FUN MATCH” postings on the Calendar. Ring courses for all Levels will be set up for practice and fun for a nominal charge. All Rally Folks are welcome to attend Fun Matches, not just LISA'S K-9 KIDS.

RALLY 1 – Novice & Intermediate
6 Week Course: $150
6 Group Classes Available
RALLY 2 – Advanced & Excellence
6 Week Course: $150
6 Group Classes Available
RALLY FUN MATCH: $20 (4 Rings Any Level)