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Rachael P. (8-21-18)
Lisa was fantastic in helping train our Vizsla puppy! I would recommend her to anyone who has a new puppy or older dog who needs to learn their manners.

Kristin D. (7-10-18)
It melts my heart to see how much she loves our newly adopted rescue. Our baby came malnourished and with anxiety. She treats him so well and training with Lisa is helping build his confidence. She does a wonderful job!!!

Jenny D. (6-26-18)
After 3 sessions with Lisa my dog LIVES for praise. I've grown up with dogs my whole life, so when my puppy Lexi fell into my lap I thought I would be fine training her myself. I quickly realized I was ill equipped to train Lexi to her full potential. Lexi is now a 6 month old terrier mix who behaves for praise, not cookies. Lexi and I have both learned so much already and we're not even done! Lisa's instruction is invaluable for human and dog. I'm so glad I made this investment, so Lexi and I have a long and happy companionship. 

Jeff & Kelli H. (2-11-18)
I'm so happy that I Beagle Brody. I'm so proud of him because he is very well behaved only because of her training methods. I love that we can communicate with him without convieniencing him with treats (major plus)! We went through puppy, beginners, and intermediate classes and look forward to advanced classes in the spring. I always tell people that I have as much fun in her training classes as Brody does!!! If you are looking to create a strong bond between you and your fur baby she will help you! And even though treats aren't the main focus in her training, she encourages treats at other times, for example, she brings her own treats to give out to everyone at the end of classes or on breaks during training. She is full of knowledge about dogs and loves sharing it.

Sarah O. (2/2018)
Lisa has a love for dogs that I have never seen. My dog loves her almost as much as he loves me. (Sometimes I think he loves her more). Lisa's training is the only reason my ridgeback boxer mix is well behaved. He's smarter and more stubborn than any other dog I know but Lisa's research based training helped us develop a strong relationship and now I have control over his behavior. People often comment on how well he listens to my commands. We've added another dog and a baby (now a toddler) to our family since then. Our second dog has a much more mild temperment and Lisa taught us how to handle the dogs' polar opposite personalities. There is absolutely no way I could have trusted my dogs around my child without the training that we received from Lisa. I will only ever do dog training with Lisa and I highly recommend her to everyone.

Krystin C. (5/11/17)
We went to Lisa when we got our first puppy. She taught us more than you'd ever learn at a big chain pet store.  It began with learning about dog behavior and how we can effectively communicate.  Puppies come with so many new issues and Lisa was always available to answer questions and willing to meet privately for extra help. Now we have a 100 pound dog who is well mannered and walks great on a leash. Her classes were the best decision we made after getting our new puppy.

Ashlea T. (9/29/16)
Lisa is the trainer you are looking for! Lisa is very knowledgeable. She gave us information we needed and then some.  All of it was valuable!  We had good info and training homework before we started our first lesson.  We are off to an amazing start and look forward to the rest of our training.

Marci B. (8/25/16)
I was very impressed with Lisa and her training skills.  She really knows what she's doing and you can tell she has a passion for animals and her work.  I am very excited to be working with her for the next few weeks.  

Laura G.
Lisa is amazing with her knowledge of dogs as well as makes the class fun and interesting. She is professional and always welcomes your questions. I highly recommend her!

Marci B.
Lisa absolutely knows what she is doing. I had almost lost all hope of ever getting my stubborn pitbull to listen to me. But I saw a major improvement after our first private lesson. I am very impressed!

Julie A.
Lisa's patience and gentle reminders helped me break some of my bad habits while working my dog. I had no idea I was doing the things I was doing. She has an upbeat nature and a can-do attitude. She works well with disabled people as well. She teaches how to use your voice to praise and be firm. Though I found the lessons positive, this is not positive reinforcement training with treats. Praise is the reward. Training is done with a slip chain. I worked under Lisa's tutelage in both private and group. Her group classes are way different than the previous group classes I had attended. Upbeat, positive, with smiling owners and happy dogs. I found the extra guidance from Lisa's assistant very helpful. Just love, love, love how far Lisa has taken Jovie and I and how far we'll go.

Holly J.
Lisa is the best trainer ever! I called and searched for weeks before finding her. My dog King loves her and so do I! Thanks Lisa for training both of us.

Jennifer H.
Lisa was absolutely professional and knowledgeable. I'm confident in her experience and training style. She was very thorough in her assessment which we learned so much from already! We can't wait to start training for our K9 kid and know we will achieve great results, I'm already seeing change just with the skills taught in our free assessment.

Jason H.
She's worked with me every step of the way. She's been very accomodating. My little puppies are going to turn out great!

Doreen S.
Lisa K-9 Kids helped me with basic training for my one year old beagle, Fritz. I had seven private sessions with Lisa at various locations. I like the way sessions were tailored for the needs of my pet and worked around my schedule. What I really like about Lisa K-9 is that her training is based on building a relationship with your pet. My dog Fritz has learned so much. I would definitely recommend Lisa K-9 Kids to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

Jennifer C.
Thank you Lisa for helping me build a stronger bond with Dino. We are both very appreciative.

Even though it’s only been two weeks, I have seen improvements with my dogs from walking on a leash to basic commands. Thanks Lisa!

We’ve had 2 sessions so far and already a great improvement in Freddy’s behavior!!! Lisa is great with dogs and we look forward to seeing the continued improvement with our puppy. Highly recommend!!!!

Jennifer W.
Lisa helped us with our two boys Tanner and Charlie. Our boys were so bad we were unable to invite guests into our home without being harassed by our little bullies. Thank you to Lisa we had our first dinner gathering last night. The boys were perfect little gentlemen! Thank you, Lisa for helping us.

Graham C.
Although we've only have had one lesson it went extremely well and we have every confidence our dog will benefit exceptionally well from Lisa's expertise.

Lisa is so good with my dog. She made me feel comfortable and at ease with my puppy Maze. I'm so glad I found her.

Hillary E.
We just started with Lisa's help to train our 3 dogs. It's only been a few weeks and already we're seeing some great changes around our house. Lisa is also so good at responsing to crises and is available for help at the drop of a hat. She's great with the dogs and is pretty awesome with us people, too. Her prices are unbeatable- we checked all over DFW before hiring. Highly recommend!

Leanna C.
Lisa is so friendly and really cares about the dog! Within a half hour she already successfully equipped us with the right tools and knowledge to make our dog a more well behaved! I can't wait to see what happens in the 6 week program!

Prenon I.
Lisa has been an utmost professional with me and my lab Duke. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer who actually cares about you and your dog.

Holly A.
I am in my second week of dog training with Lisa and she is absolutely wonderful. My dog is already showing improvement and Lisa really knows what she's doing. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to train their dog the right way.

Jim and Sherry  L.
We have trained two Shelties with Lisa and both experiences have been wonderful over the last five years. They started as puppies and Bonnie our older dog went thru off leash. Molly is in basic and we would not allow anyone but Lisa to train our dogs. She is patient, loving and strict when needed and always loving. Our pups think of her as their second mother. Bonnie would start her command almost before Lisa would finish it.

Deborah A.
Lisa was right on the money! She meet with me and my dog first and then put us in a class that addressed everything I was lacking in control of my dog. What I learned is simple and effective. Best $ I ever spent!

Lorretta P.
Thankful doesn’t say enough! Before we found Lisa, everyday was a struggle with Jax, our one year old lab mix. After only six classes everyone is happy again.

Lisa helped me to realize that most of the issues that I was having with my Golden Retriever were being caused by me. Everyone loves being around my dog now. Lisa definitely has a way with dogs and knows that it takes training the owner and the dog to be successful long term. Best money I ever spent. Wish I had found her before wasting my time at the big stores.

Becky S.
Lisa is an amazing dog trainer! She worked with my daughter and her dog from puppy kindergarten through advanced obedience and agility training. Phenomenal experience!

Chelsea C.
Lisa is the best trainer I’ve used. She can do anything from teach your pup to “sit” to be the STAR in an Annie play!!